Data gathering

The data were gathered in five different European universities, in Ireland, England, The Netherlands and Sweden. For further details, click on the following link:


The participants were asked to complete two questionnaires, one before and one after the recording was made. For more specific details about the questionnaires, click on the link below:


The aim was to record ten minutes’ conversation between each lecturer and student. Click on the following link for further details: 

Identifying metaphors in the corpus

Our basic procedure to identify metaphors in EuroCoAT followed the metaphor identification procedure developed by the Pragglejaz Group (2007):

  • Pragglejaz Group (2007) “MIP: A method for identifying metaphorically used words in discourse”. Metaphor and Symbol 22(1), pp. 1–39.

The description of the procedure applied and the minor modifications made to MIP are explained here. All metaphorically used words were tagged (click here to read about the tagging system)